Do your hands and feet feel numb?

Do your hands and feet feel numb?
What does it mean or do you get a burning pain in your extremities? Chronically high blood sugar causes nerve damage that results in these sensations. Being unable to “feel” your feet or having a heavy pins and sensation of needles is a distinctive feature of peripheral neuropathy, or damage to the peripheral nervous system. That’s the body’s way of transmitting information from the brain and spinal cord to the entire rest of the body. Peripheral neuropathy has many causes, but the top two are diabetes and alcohol abuse (current or past). Chemotherapy is another common cause.
The tingling or burning can also appear in hands and may gradually spread up to arms and legs. The reduced sensation may make it feel like there is constantly wearing heavy socks or gloves. Also, hardening of the arteries can diminish blood flow to the feet. When such conditions go unnoticed they can lead to sever complications.
What to do: See a physician to try to pinpoint the cause (especially if alcohol addiction doesn’t apply).
Good news is that with acupuncture Onnuri SuJok that focus for optimal results only in the miniature form of hands with different modalities like by pricking 1mm small micro tiny needle to adjust the energy or with small magnets or with seeds similar to pulse size or even with the colors too. The symptoms through the concept can overcome as the process itself is of energy that aids in strengthening the immunity, which increases the ability to function in more effectively way.
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