Sri Hanuman Balaji Charitable Trust
Vivek Vihar, Delhi. India

Morning: 09.00 am to 01.00 pm  
Weekly off : Thursday 
Evening: 04.00 pm to 07.00 pm
(Mon. Wed. Fri.)

 Consultation Fee: 
Personal visit to the cure center or even with diagnosis
• Re.500/ first visit and next Re.100/per session or US $15/per session Or
 Delhi-NCR call basis
Re.3000/ per session 
 Outstation visits (Ex-Delhi) all expenses (boarding, travel, lodging, meals etc.)
Plus Re.10 thousand for unlimited diagnosis for a day or the basic workshop to enhance the knowledge of self-care!
 Consultation via Internet
US $100/ or equal amount in INR (for a year for an individual)
in advance to be credited to the saving bank account stated below
 Or, if states, unable to meet the cost, its absolute free of charges at the cure center.
Dr.Dinesh kapur Standard Chartered Bank
Branch ~ Narain Manzil, 23 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. India

S/b no: 52211796693
IFSC Code: ‘SCBL0036020′ 


  1. antaghany says

    Dear Dr Dinesh
    As regards the case of renal failure on dialysis ; some lab resuilts done last month:
    -Potassium: within normal = 5.7
    -Phosphorous: high = 6.8
    -Creatinine: high = 8.8
    -Hemoglobin: low = 8.9
    Accept my best regards
    Dr Hani , Egypt


  2. Farooq Bin says

    Hello Sir
    My wife is suffering from UMBILICAL HERNIA
    She has gone through lot of operation earlier for Appendix,Additions,GallBlader
    Can you write some thing about it and Give treatment though sujok color


  3. Babita wig says

    Dear doctor, This is regarding my son Angad singh wig age 13 years of age.
    He is unable to independently stand and walk without support . Can walk with help of one stick . Body balance is the basic problem. He is unable to stand up from the ground without support. if falls down .drooling from the mouth . goes to a normal school in grade six. can eat , write ,brush and do almost all his daily activities on his own. regular physiotherapy is going on from past 13 years. no surgery has been done till now. If your treatment can be of any help please. Thanx.


  4. Miriam says

    Thank you for all the information related to some deceases that sometimes are really difficult find in the net , and the more important how to treat it with alternative medicine.


  5. Shailja Agarwal says

    I d like to thank Dr.Dinesh Kapur for curing my neck pain as well as lower back pain in 10 sittings. I developed an “I pad ” neck and back pain due to bad posture. After 5 sittings there was 50 percent improvement and gradually after 10 sittings the pain cleared completely. I totally attribute it to sujok as I took no other treatment or drugs apart from correcting my posture.


  6. Yash says

    Good to see positive results for wellness of others through alternate!


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