The ONNURI medicine will involve the application of the diverse therapeutic modalities based on the unified Eight-Origins theory. The system embraces the SuJok therapy, body Homo – system therapy, Energy Flow System, method of harmonizing Six Ki and Eight Ki in the body, Emotional and Mental treatment, time-and-space energies therapy and other methods that describes in-depth descriptions of the structural pattern and functional features of the Homo-system of the body and the Unified Energy System of the human being incorporating the Diamond Energy System, the chakras and meridians systems.

ONNURI medicine is a new vision 
of the different etiology and pathogenesis of illnesses. 
It is the manifold character of the theory that 
is the key to understanding the mechanisms involved in the development of any pathologic 
 processes in the body of man, and this is where 
a treatment strategy to deal with the said diseased 
conditions could be found out.

A new development in the concept that offer TOTAL EFFECTIVENESS, from the disease through the concept Spiral, Correspondence – Insect system, Triorigin, Eight energies, Twist that could either be with the colors, seeds, M-particles, or even with a natural leaf or sometimes with small tiny needles and good news is that total treatment care is only on the hands.

The system is an efficient method to restore and support one’s health and to prevent disease. The concept is not only effective as a primary modality, it also play a vital role as an adjunctive therapy due to how effective the meridian system is to proper diagnosis. Because the meridians influence every cell in the body and pass through every organ and organ system, which provides health practitioners with an exact and noninvasive means of determining health deficiencies, as well as a method of reestablishing balance. It provides largest benefits without the dangerous side effects associated with many of the approaches of conventional medicine.”

The treatment is effective at all the three levels – •BODY •MIND •EMOTIONS.

Not only effective of the common illness which chase in our daily life but also with cares in difficult to cure even with the modern medicine including some cancer disease or kidney failure.

Prof Park, Jae Woo, a Korean scientist is the originator of SuJok and Onnuri Medicine, an exceptional discovery, who after many years of careful observation and clinical experiences developed a new system of therapy using only the hands and feet to effect the same results as body acupuncture. He found a complete correspondence system representing the body, on the hands and the feet. In Korean, Su means “Hand,” and Jok means “Feet.”

In fact, there is no word how to thank Prof Park for the wonderful method of SuJok and Onnuri, which I have learnt to love with smile forever!


  1. venkateshwar says

    Sir,very knowledgeable site. I want to interact regularly with this site


  2. WORKING environment is charitable, not professional. If expecting results may visit but if looking for hospitality environment, I feel there is no space.


  3. Obviously, I recommend Onnuri SuJok or any non-conventional concept! If putting up in NCR, may visit with pathological report for better understanding.


  4. Sushma says

    I was looking to get some improvement in my eye sight and also my husband is pre-diabetic so please suggest what method can be used to get better results.
    Many thanks in advance


  5. Suresh Kumar says

    Dear Sir,
    I have checked the details of your hospital in your web site.I would like to visit your hospital but prior to that I would like to tell you about my 5 years old baby for whom I am seeking the treatment.
    He is a premature baby (i.e. unable to carry out the primary activities that a child of the same age does).Also vision is blurred due to ROP.
    Regarding the above mentioned problems, if any treatment is available in your hospital, please reply so that I can plan to visit your hospital.
    Hoping for a favourable reply.
    With best regards,
    Suresh Kumar
    Mob. no. +91 9873435035


  6. Nidhi says

    Sir, we would like to get your consultation. my uncle is suffering from chronic kidney disease..his creatinine is 6 now! Kindly share your contact number and address please. Thank you.


  7. Harika says

    pls do reply to my mail sir is it possible me to grow few more cms of height atleast, im 24f …i heard accupuncture is only natural remedy after puberty.


  8. Paramjith, just tonify lung meridian in triorigin and in six ki, tonify ‘F’ heat and sedate dryness! And write what ever results shows after approx ten days of your treatment. smile


  9. Paramjith Singh says

    MY HEMATOLOGY REPORTS SAYS THAT IN DLC MY EOSINOPHILS is 18 and ESR is 50, as well as in Lipid Profile my cholestrol level is 216, Triglyceriodes is 231,HDL is 38, VLDL is 46.2, LDL is 131.8………
    since chlosterol is related to humidity and esr(infection in lungs) is also related to humidity so i am doing spleen hum sedation, liver wind toni, heart humidity sedation, stomach humidity sedation and brain humidity sedation……………..please advice me since u r most expierenced person in sujok as i may be wrong sumwhere but you can not……so ?
    regards, Paramjith Singh


  10. Lipsy says

    I`m lipsy i got ur referal from babaji residing in pachim vihar
    as i`m very much overweight they told me to consult u & see if u could help.
    i stay in USA so i don`t know how it works long distance
    i was under weight as a child but during my puberty started gaining weight & eventually became overweight did everything possible curls & curve personal point aerobics gyming crash diets & lost almost 30 kgs but after marriage i conceived within 3 months & started gaining weight again and reached the same weight again around 105 kg but thankfully after the delivery i lost10kgs when came from hospital after 5 days i had a c section so was not on oily food at all did`nt even had all that oily post pergnancy stuff but after 5 to 6 months i started gaining more weight & inches too as if someone is pumping a ballon got so many tests done even a brain test consulted an endocronologist & at that time i was gaining 4 to 5 kgs every 10 days & that was very alarming & depressing & the doctor gave me some medicine so at least i did`nt gained weight further but to reduce further i have to start steroids & that doc. only did`nt recomend as i was nursing & the baby was just 6 months old he told me that i`m having hormonal imbalance
    since then i exercise off & on lose little & gain again it`s a vicious circle but for almost 4 years my weight remain the same when i was in india but when i came to USA after 8 to 9 months i gained 25 lbs & that shook me as i have no capacity to gain more weight than i consulted a barriatric doctor here and started diet plan under her & lost almost 25lbs but than i hurt my foot & couldn`t exersice for months within a year gained that lost 25 lbs even though i`m on the same diet plan i`m not losing any more weight nor i can walk too much because the foot of mine still hurts but do cycling & twice a week weight training exersice to strenghten the muscle but still not losing weight at all
    don`t know what to do !!!!!! NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
    as i believe too much in BABAJI and his teachings & he is been heeled with ur treatment with their recommendation i want to consult u with the faith to get well soon
    please let me know if u could help waiting for ur reply


  11. Neeraj says

    I had severe pain in my legs from past many years and felt a great sense of relief within a few days of treatment of accupuncture . several other kind of body pain also got reduced through this treatment.


  12. kanika says

    I had the problem of floaters from past 10 years and felt a great relief just in 8 days of treatment. The number of floaters also gets reduced.


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