Sickle Cells disease

Sickle Cells
Complications from the sickle cells are destroyed rapidly and blocking blood flow and early breaking apart in the body of people with the disease ~ causing;
Attacks of abdominal pain,
Blood blockage in spleen or liver,
Bone pain or damage,
Delayed growth and puberty,
Eye damage,
Gallstones formation,
Low red blood cell counts,
Lung blockage,
Priapism; painful and prolonged erection or painful episodes,
Rapid heart rate,
Spleen damage makes sickle-cell disease patients, especially young children, easily overwhelmed by certain bacterial infections.
Tissue damage (acute chest syndrome),
Ulcers on the lower legs (in adolescents and adults) or skin ulcers
Other symptoms include: Chest pain, Excessive thirst, Frequent urination, Infections increased, Jaundice, Yellowish eyes, Kidney damage and loss of body water in urine, Poor eyesight/blindness, Strokes.
The following guidelines help to keep the sickle-cell patient healthy;
•Taking the vitamin folic acid supplementation (folate) daily to help make new red cells
•All vaccination till age six to prevent serious infection
•Drinking plenty of water daily
•Avoid too hot or too cold temperatures
•Avoid over exertion and stress
•Getting plenty of rest
•Getting regular check-ups from knowledgeable health care providers
Patients and families should watch for the following conditions that need an urgent medical evaluation; Fever, Chest pain, Shortness of Breath, Increasing tiredness, Abdominal swelling, Unusual headache, any sudden weakness or loss of feeling, Painful erection that will not go down, Sudden vision change, Oxygen tension.

THOUGH, Acupuncture Onnuri SuJok, which itself is a powerful tool that aids in strengthening the immune system and serves to prevent diseases, control pain and increase both the ability to act and the quality of people’s lives.  It has also helped many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine.  Several conditions can be dramatically improved or remedied in full including Sickle Cell Disease. 
It is a traditionally accomplished through insertion of very fine needles at the certain energy gates in the miniature form of hands or feet. The remission of the disease can be achieved and medicaments therapy simultaneously can be reduced or eliminated altogether.  The course of treatment is definitely benefited to such patients, it is quite possible to increase the Immunity, Hemoglobin level, and Blood Cells count.  No medication is to be stopped immediately until there is a pathological positive result. A non-conventional effective method!

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To your wellbeing, smile life! Enjoy.


Acupuncture Onnuri SuJok is a powerful tool for strengthening the immune system, which is its natural defense against invading foreign organisms such as viruses and bacteria.
A weak immune system can expose the body to diseases and infections, some as serious as AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome), a disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
HIV attacks the immune system, weakening it and making the body more susceptible to infections. Symptoms of HIV infection include swollen lymph nodes in the neck, axilla, or groin (lymphadenopathy), fever, night sweats, fatigue, burning in the mouth, watery stools 6 to 8 times a day, low appetite, pains in the liver area, depression and weakness.
Onnuri SuJok can bring about positive pathological changes that help in countering the depression of the immune system. This form of therapy has proven to be beneficial for people suffering from problems such as urea plasma, cytomegalovirus infection, herpes, complications caused by STD, cystitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, renal cysts, nephroptosis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, adhesive processes in the small pelvis region, colitis, arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, conjunctivitis, allergies and asthmatic bronchitis, among others.
Some of the other medical conditions that can be benefited are endometritis, fibromyomas, adnexites, ovarian cysts, mastopathy, infertility, prostatitis and prostatic adenoma.
Onnuri SuJok is an efficient way of restoring and maintaining one’s health. In this system of treatment, very fine needles (1 mm) are inserted in the upper layer of the skin only on the palm. The insertion feels like a tiny prick and often patients relax or even fall asleep for the duration of the treatment, which has a positive and holistic energy effect.
The aim of this method of treatment is to promote health and alleviate suffering.
Give it a try! As a practitioner of Onnuri SuJok, I am ready to work with health groups and non-government organisations to show the effectiveness of this concept.

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To your wellbeing, smile life! Enjoy.